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  • flOw
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File Size
990.63 MB


Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe
Game Released 4 Dec 2013
358 Ratings


Dive into an amazing underwater adventure as a living organism fighting your way through a journey of evolution.

Swim where you want, whenever you want – but beware: you are not alone in the depths of the deep blue.

With predators and prey all around, do you have the killer instincts to hunt down your rivals, grow big and strong, and rule this surreal aquatic kingdom?

• Use your PlayStation®Vita system’s motion sensor function to swim around on your oceanic adventure – the organism will react to your every move.

• Buy this game for PlayStation®Vita and receive the PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®4 versions at no extra cost.

• Make sure you have a PlayStation®Vita memory card – you need one to play this game.
• Log onto eu.playstation.com to learn more about flOw™ and other PlayStation®Vita games.
• The flOw™ manual can be accessed through the LiveArea™ of your PlayStation®Vita system.

1 Player; Motion Sensor

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