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Deadly Strike

Midas Interactive
PS2™ Classic
12 Ratings


Compatible with PlayStation®3.

Enter the toughest combat tournament on Earth as one of six lethal fighters. Using a mixture of powerful martial arts techniques, swordplay and good old-fashioned hot lead you must battle through the beautiful scenery of the Shogun's Island. Defeat hundreds of the enemy's evil minions in your struggle to reach his castle and claim victory over the other contestants.

Can you take your chosen character to ultimate victory in the deadliest fighting tournament on the Earth?

- 2 player co-op mode!
- 6 characters to master, each with different melee weapons, guns and hand-to-hand techniques
- The 'Kill' combo system helps develop your characters abilities and unlocks new game features
- Keep your character alive as long as possible in 'Survival' or play through the game as an enemy character in 'Extra' mode

This product is an emulated version of a PlayStation®2 game. Some functionality, including online functionality, may vary from the original PS2™ version of this product or may not be available.

Download of this product is subject to the PlayStation®Network Terms of Service/User Agreement and any specific additional conditions applying to this product. If you do not wish to accept these terms, do not download this product. See Terms of Service for more important information. One time fee for use of downloads on up to 2 activated compatible Home Console* systems.
* See Terms of Service for further information.

Deadly Strike © 2004 D3 PUBLISHER/Psyworks Co. Ltd. Midas is a trademark of MIDAS INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT LTD. Deadly Strike is a trademark of MIDAS INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT LTD. Published by MIDAS INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT LTD. Developed by Psyworks Co. Ltd.