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  • Sports
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Lake Masters EX

Midas Interactive
PS2™ Classic
9 Ratings


Compatible with PlayStation®3.

Haul in a whopper from the comfort of your living room. Feel that fish take its first nibble and start wriggling on the line as you struggle to land a monstrous bass.... it’s an epic battle of wills! Select lures, lakes and conditions. It will take all your expertise as a fisherman to catch the biggest prizes.

24 tournaments. Featuring Time-Trial, One Catch and Special Invitation events.

Events are based on one of three categories; heaviest catch, total weight of catch and best size (longest fish).

All the lakes require different fishing techniques.

Develop your own lake by winning tournaments, increasing your fish stock and adding features.

Free fishing. Choosing the time of year, time of day and weather (from sunny to rainy).

This product is an emulated version of a PlayStation®2 game. Some functionality, including online functionality, may vary from the original PS2™ version of this product or may not be available.

Download of this product is subject to the Sony Entertainment Network Terms of Service/User Agreement and any specific additional conditions applying to this product. If you do not wish to accept these terms, do not download this product. See Terms of Service for more important information. One time fee for use of downloads on up to 2 activated compatible Home Console* systems and 2 activated compatible Portable Console* systems.
* See Terms of Service for further information.

Lake Masters Ex © 2002 DaZZ Interactive. Published by Midas Interactive Entertainment Ltd. Developed by DaZZ Interactive.