Planet Coaster: Classic Rides Collection

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Average rating 4.27 stars out of 5 stars from 120 ratings
120 ratings
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Bring a touch of class  to your park with the Classic Rides Collection. Featuring nine new rides and one new variant, you can delight and thrill guests like never before! 

Inspired by some of the most iconic and classic attractions from fairgrounds and theme parks around the world, there’s something for everyone, including the Macchina Classica vintage roadster, Armada the water-based boat ride, the graceful Sky Temple, plus more rides and coasters to help you build the park of your dreams!

Roller Coasters
The chaotic Interdimensional spinning coaster features a track that spins cars in any direction you want to give guests a unique experience every time; past and present converge on Infinite as you take advantage of multiple lift and launch options, including a traditional chain lift and an LSM launch system, among other launch options.

Tracked Rides
Armada is an enthralling boat trip through atmospheric interiors - perfect for recreating your favourite water-based dark rides; and don’t let the nostalgic aesthetic of Macchina Classica fool you: this slick jaunt features the highest top speed of any tracked ride in Planet Coaster.

Flat Rides
Sky Temple is a beautiful observation platform ride themed after traditional Qin Dynasty architecture; Rising Raptor is a customisable drop tower you can lower for easy-going guests or raise for hardy thrill-seekers; its sister, Golden Eagle, features an even more thrilling outward-facing gondola arrangement; choose between a gentle swing and intense spin on Free Flyer; and marvel as momentum flings cars around an oval course on Swift Drifters.

Transport Rides
Give guests once-in-a-lifetime views across your entire park from the Gondola, a luxurious transport ride taking up to four passengers on a tranquil trip in sleek, suspended cabins.

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