Costume & BGM All-In-One Set PS4 & PS5 (Add-On)


*The items in this set can also be purchased individually. Please be careful to not make duplicate purchases.

Downloadable content that adds crossover costumes, BGM, and accessories from series such as Persona 5 and Shin Megami Tensei IV.

Costumes: Yasogami Uniform (Ringo/Arrow/Milady/Saizo)
Battle BGM: Persona 4 BGM
Accessory: Chic Glasses
*Persona 4 crossover DLC.

Costumes: Shujin Uniform (Ringo/Arrow/Milady/Saizo)
Battle BGM: Persona 5 BGM
Accessory: Leblanc Apron
*Persona 5 crossover DLC.

Costumes: Nemissa's Outfit (Ringo), Hacker Hero (Arrow), Detective's Aide (Milady), K. Kuzunoha's Outfit (Saizo)
Battle BGM: Soul Hackers BGM
Accessory: Yu-Ichi's Hat
*Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers crossover DLC.

Costumes: Raidou's Outfit (Ringo/Arrow), Taisho Suit (Milady/Saizo)
Battle BGM: Raidou Kuzunoha BGM
Accessory: Student's Hat
*Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha crossover DLC.

Costumes: Samurai Uniform (Ringo/Arrow/Milady/Saizo)
Battle BGM: Shin Megami Tensei IV BGM
Accessory: Samurai Scarf
*Shin Megami Tensei IV crossover DLC.

Costumes: Colorless Camisole (Ringo), Surfer Threads (Arrow), Botanical Pareo (Milady), Urban Flair (Saizo)
Accessory: Float
*Originally designed swimsuit costume DLC.

Outfits can be equipped by opening the main menu, then selecting the SUMMONER submenu and selecting OUTFIT.
Accessories can be equipped by opening the main menu, then selecting the SUMMONER submenu, and selecting ACCESSORY.
BGM can be changed by opening the main menu, then selecting the SYSTEM submenu, opening CONFIG, and adjusting the Battle BGM setting.
This product does not include the Persona 5 Alternative Set 2 DLC.

*You can pick up outfits and accessories at the Safehouse.

● Warning
*This content is only apply to "Soul Hackers 2(Simplified Chinese, Korean, Traditional Chinese)” and will not be apply to "Soul Hackers 2(English)"

PS4, PS5
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