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  • Action
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Prinny2 Tokkouyuugi! Akatsukinopantsudaisakusenssu!! full game (Japanese Ver.)

Nippon-Ichi Software
23 Ratings


Prinny, the most addictive and fiercest action game in history, is returning with powered up gameplay!

In order to get back Overlord Etna’s stolen panties, 1000 prinnies are ready to travel from the east to the west, up to the mountains and down to the sea! Control Prinny and fill up the combo gauge, enter into the Break Mode to unleash new ultimate attacks, or make use of some new skills, such as Assault Play that allows Prinny to crash enemies like a shooting star, to slash through the darkness of the Netherland!

On top of normal difficulty that guarantees satisfaction and playability for seasoned players, a Baby Easy mode is also available for beginners to take on the challenge at ease.

This content is only compatible with PSP® (PlayStation®Portable).

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