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Netflix 3 Month Bundle + PlayStation®Plus (12 MONTH MEMBERSHIP)

Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.
Released 26.06.2018


※You are eligible to receive “NETFLIX 3month” by buying this 12 month membership.

※“NETFLIX 3month” redemption code will be sent to your registered e-mail address within 5 days upon purchase.

※If you do not receive the code within 5 days upon purchase, please contact our Customer Service immediately and in any case by no later than 4 September, 2018. Requests made after 4 September, 2018 will not be honored.

※The product code is valid until 30 September, 2018.

※Please read the terms and conditions , for more info :

PlayStation®Plus is an exclusive upgraded service for paid members which provides you an enhanced network gaming experience. Become a member and you'll enjoy:

* PS4™ Online Multiplayer: whether you’re looking for opponents or teammates, PlayStation®Plus is the only way to enjoy PS4™ games with others online
* Monthly Free Games: games are selected for your free download every month and it's available throughout the course of your membership
* Exclusive Discounts: get special offers on PlayStation™Store games and add-ons
* Online Storage: receive 10GB of cloud storage for your PS4™ game saves
* Exclusive Access: try selected demos and official Beta trials before anyone else

For more details, please refer to PlayStation® official website: .

PS Plus membership renews automatically and continues until cancelled on the same day of your subscription/renewal next month, 3 month or 12 month later depending on the period of your subscription. At the end of the membership term, cost of the membership for the next term will automatically be deducted from your PSN wallet unless you cancel the “automatic renewal” setting prior to expiration. If there are not enough funds in the wallet, your credit card will automatically be charged. For more details, please see the Terms of Service and User Agreement, found at

Please note that you can always review your service expiry date from subscription List via your PlayStation® console or below website: