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  • Role-Playing Games (RPG)

Wizardry The Prisoners of the Lost City Strong Whip (Japanese Ver.)

Weapons Released 06.07.2011


A whip made of hard dragon scales. Quality dragon scales can even be harder than steel.
This whip is beautifully and carefully created by artisans removing the dragon scales piece by piece. Countless people are after it, even those who are not adventurers.

Basic Function=Attack Rate :16~58/Maximum Number of Attacks: 10/Hit Rate:+3
Equippable Occupation=Lord・Ninja・Bandit
Equippable Race=All
Equippable Gender=Male・Female
Equippable Character=Good・Neutral・Evil
Special Bonus=STR+1

※This item can be obtained in the game even if you have not purchased it from the store.

In order to play with this additional content, it is necessary to first purchase game disc or full game from PlayStation®Store that is sold separately and update your game with the most recent online update.
This program or data to be applied to existing program is only compatible with Asia version (official product) which is distributed by SCEI or other official distributors. Compatibility with program or data from other region is not guaranteed.

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Licensed by IPM Inc. to ACQUIRE Corp. Wizardry Renaissance™ ©2009-2011 IPM Inc. All rights reserved.

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