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  • Action
File Size
48.41 GB

Nioh: Complete Edition (English/Chinese/Korean/Japanese Ver.)

Full Game
906 Ratings


Digital Version
■Nioh Armor *1
■Nioh Weapons (5 exclusive equipment) *2

*1 This is the same as the digital pre-order bonus for "NIOH."
*2 This is the same as the bonus for the "Nioh - Deluxe Edition."

The worldwide popular dark Warring States action RPG "NIOH" will be available at a better deal. It is a complete edition that includes all 3 add-on packs with various additional features such as new weapons (Odachi and Tonfa), scenarios, characters and Guardian Spirits.

This is a dark Warring States action RPG about the mortal combat of a blond Caucasian samurai named William—based on a real life person known as "Anjin Miura"—during the subtle yet profound Warring States Period filled with specters and bandits. It is a "Warring States death game" with thrills and the sensation of accomplishment. The game also contains a solid original storyline with many real existing generals based on the later period of the Warring States Period.

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