Armored Warfare – T-80U Shark Prime Pack

Armored Warfare – T-80U Shark Prime Pack

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Armored Warfare

    T-55M1 Prime Pack

      Claw Prime Pack

        This bundle contains the Tier 7 T-80U Shark Premium Main Battle Tank,a special Shark decal and a large set of bonuses, including Premium Time, Boost Tokens, Gold and Loot Crates.The Russian T-80U is one of the best MBTs of its Tier. It features typical Warsaw Pack tank elements such as low silhouette, round turret and automatically loaded large caliber gun, but unlike other Soviet era vehicles, it has a turbine engine. It comes with a special shark-themed camouflage and trained crew.

        In-game purchases optional

        HD Video Output 720p,1080i

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