BAYONETTA & VANQUISH (Chinese/Korean Ver.)

Average rating 4.64 stars out of 5 stars from 370 ratings


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      Average rating 4.64 stars out of 5 stars from 370 ratings
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      ■Two action classics, remastered for the PS4!
      Platinum Games' two action masterpieces are now available as a set for the PS4.
      Improved resolution and framerates mean that you can experience them smoother and faster than ever before.
      Bayonetta includes an optional Japanese dub (originally made for the PS3 version), while Vanquish comes with 3 weapons that were previously PS3 exclusive DLC.

      ■Bayonetta - Climax Action
      With its brilliantly designed stages, filled with challenging enemies and traps, Bayonetta is like an action movie climax that never stops.
      Fight however you want, with a large variety of weapons and accessories that can be equipped to both your hands and feet. Experience a world where "Witches" fight "Angels"; where good and evil are reversed, now realized at an even greater level of graphical fidelity.

      ■Vanquish - Shooting Action
      Shoot, dodge, and use the boosters in your "ARS" Battle Suit to blaze your way around the battlefield!
      Featuring fast and frenetic gameplay, the experience of boosting up to enemies and blowing them away is something that only Vanquish can provide.
      Unlike regular stop and pop shooters, you'll need to take the initiative - keep moving and fighting if you want to survive. There's nothing else quite like it.


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