Our Guest Tonight

Scout Game Studios Sociedad Anonima

      Presenting a new late show... Our Guest Tonight!

      Hosted by Jack! And our guest tonight is… Bob?!

      Play as the audience in this brand-new Late Show. Show your support for Bob by spamming the Clap Button, and share your thoughts about Jack by spamming the Boo button.

      Be careful! Everyone loves Bob. By not clapping, you might hurt his feelings, and the show might not go well. As for Jack, he's too cocky to be a host, so make sure to humble him down!

      "Our Guest Tonight" (OGT) features a brand-new way to play through the TV! You control the frequency of your TV. If you lose frequency, change the knob to find the right frequency and keep cheering for our favorite janitor while booing the cocky host!

      Scout Game Studios Sociedad Anonima
      Arcade, Casual, Unique