• In-game purchases optional
  • Online play required
  • 16 online players
Mild Violence
In-Game Purchases (Includes Random Items), Users Interact
  • In-game purchases optional
  • Online play required
  • 16 online players


Crossout (English)


    Crossout (English)


      Crossout – "Cleaner" Starter Bundle (English)

      • Unique armoured car: “Accomplice”;
      • Weapons: turret cannon “ZS-33 Hulk”;
      • 650 in-game coins.
      • and many more!

      Crossout - 'Insomnia' Starter Bundle (English)

      • Unique armored car: ‘Spirit’
      • Weapons: 3 machine guns ‘MM5-4 Vector’
      • 650 in-game coins.
      • and many more!



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      Join CROSSOUT, the post-apocalyptic MMO Action game! Craft your unique battle machines from dozens of interchangeable parts, ride them into combat and destroy your enemies in explosive PvP online battles!

      Key Features:
      Unique vehicles, crafted by the players using a wide range of available parts: From nimble buggies to heavily tracked off-road vehicles
      Complete freedom of creativity and thousands of possible combinations: Create vehicles of any shape using dozens of parts, wide variety of armour and weapons as well as support systems.
      Advanced damage model: Destroy any part of an enemy machine and it will affect the vehicle's performance immediately.
      Huge arsenal of weapons: From chainsaws, power-drills over machine guns to rocket launchers, flying drones and stealth generators.
      Your own workshop: Create new, advanced parts and auction them at the in-game marketplace.
      Trading options: Every piece that you have gathered in the battle can be sold to other players.

      Gaijin Distribution KFT
      Action, Unique, Simulation
      English, Russian
      Screen Languages:
      English, French (France), German, Russian, Spanish
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