Virginia - Special Edition Bundle (Simplified Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese)

Virginia - Special Edition Bundle (Simplified Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese)

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Virginia DEMO (English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese)

    Virginia - Special Edition Bundle (Simplified Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese)

      Virginia (Simplified Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese)

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        The Special Edition contains Virginia - the game and its Official Soundtrack. Experience a missing person investigation innovatively narrated through a striking painterly style and a stirring soundtrack.
        • Cinematic editing that immerses players in a story told in the style of film and TV
        • A dreamlike journey punctuated by intense drama and populated by a memorable cast of curious characters
        • A stirring soundtrack by composer Lyndon Holland and recorded live by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra at the renowned Smecky Studio (Lost Highway, Mulholland Drive)
        • An original detective noir story in the tradition of Twin Peaks, Fargo and True Detective
        • A striking, painterly art style, steeped in the magic of small town America and the vibrant Virginia countryside.

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