DOOMicorn Master Collection Cosmetic Pack (English/Chinese/Korean Ver.)

Bethesda Softworks
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  • 1 player
  • Remote Play supported


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Missed out on the Twitch exclusive DOOMicorn Master Collection? Get it now and become Hell’s worst night-mare with new Slayer skins, podiums, animations and a new player icon and nameplate. Gallop into DOOM Eternal’s epic campaign and BATTLEMODE to put your enemies out to pasture in style or strike a pose in the campaign’s Photo Mode.

You get:

"DOOMicorn" Slayer Skin
"Purple Pony" Skin Variant
"Night-mare" Skin Variant
"Magic Meadow" Base Podium
"For Those Who Dare to Dream!" Maxed-Out Podium
"Clip Clop" Stance Animation
"Haymaker" Intro Animation
"Horsing Around" Victory Animation
"Love Conquers All" Icon
"Super Sparkle Slayer" Nameplate

*This content requires the base game DOOM Eternal to play.

Bethesda Softworks
Shooter, Action
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