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  • Adventure
File Size
3.17 GB
PS VR & PS Camera Required

Mars Alive (English/Chinese/Korean/Japanese Ver.)

CIRCLE Entertainment LTD (Hong Kong)
PS VR Game
9 Ratings


《Mars Alive》is a survival PS VR game in the open world. After a terrifying explosion, the whole colony was destroyed. As an astronaut staying on Mars, You need to explore the planet and collect resources, in order to survive in this brutal world.

In 2045, all the cultures, technologies and innovations on Mars have vanished under a terrorist attack. The player would face the severe weather, day and night, and other challenges in nature conditions through the first-person view. In this game, you need to manage your resources wisely to survive as long as you can. Just like the description of Martian. The player will reveal the truth behind the civilization on this red planet, which is full of mystery and conspiracy.

 Explore the open world of Mars and experience real-time transition of day & night and severe weathers.
 Become a true Mars citizen via various activities o Mars. E.g. Mining, 3D printing, planting, vehicle driving.
 Simulate real mars environment, you are not a hero but an ordinary person.
 Reveal the answers and truths behind the fascinating storyline in depth with multiple endings.

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