Ys IX -Monstrum NOX- DLC Season Pass (Chinese Ver.)

Average rating 4.43 stars out of 5 stars from 87 ratings
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Average rating 4.43 stars out of 5 stars from 87 ratings
87 ratings

※The items offered in this pack can be purchased as a single item.

※ These items are included in the "Digital Ultimate Edition," the "Digital Premium Edition," and the "Digital Deluxe Edition."
※ The products included in this set can also be purchased separately. Please use caution when purchasing so as to not buy duplicates.
※ The full version of the game (sold separately) must be purchased in order to run this content. Be sure to update your game, as the latest patch may be required.

Content Details

This is a season pass for Ys IX -Monstrum NOX- with which you can obtain "DLC Outfits," "DLC Attack Items," the "Useful Accessory Set, and the "Advanced Accessory Set."

The Monstrum Show - King of Red
The Monstrum Show - White Cat
The Monstrum Show - Hawk
The Monstrum Show - Renegade
The Monstrum Show - Raging Bull
The Monstrum Show - Doll

Hug Hug Doll Aprilis x6
Hug Hug Doll Morbian x6
Hug Hug Doll Gauche x6
Hug Hug Doll White Cat x6
Hug Hug Doll Raging Bull x6

<Intense Blurb Bubbles>
Save a Ton With Pendleton x6
I found you ❤ x6
Where are the petals? x6
Time to fill that Nox Gauge! x6
Phantoms, it's time. x6
I'm not Adol. x6
30 points... That's a fail. x6
Wriggle wriggle ❤ x6
Yes, Lacrimosa! x6
I won't forgive Felix. x6
Phantoms assemble! x6
On delivery from the Prison City ♪ x6

<Eyewear Collection Vol. 1>
Round Eyeglasses x6
Fashionable Monocle x6
Oval Sunglasses x6

<Eyewear Collection Vol. 2>
Grim Eyepatch x6
Dark Blindfold x6
Face Bandage x6

<Unique Mask Set>
Dark Phantom Thief x6
Lull Valley Face x6
Pikkard Mask x6

<Variety Mask Set>
Crow Mask x6
Skull Mask x6
Binding Mask x6

<Delicious Weapon Set>
Ninth Cremation x1
Green Onion of Death x1
Princess Puff x1
Killing Candy x1
Hellfire Sweet Potato x1
Dandelion Dream x1

<Useful Accessory Set>
Rubber Choker IV x1
Blade Ring IV x1
Shield Earrings IV x1
Mark of the Warrior IV x1
Crystal Shield x1
Master Bangle x1

<Advanced Accessory Set>
Orb of Nature x1
Crimson Fang x1

※ These items are planned to be made available for purchase as regular DLC beginning February 6, 2020 (Thurs). Content will be available in-game from the same day it is released as DLC. Additionally, consumable items are not included.
※ These items can be obtained by selecting "DLC" from the Items menu within the game.
※ DLC Outfits and DLC Attachment Items can be equipped under "Costumes" in the Equipment menu.
※ Please note that accessories that exceed your inventory limit will be discarded.

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