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Syndicate Op Pass + 1 Hack Key (Add-On)

Worldwide Studios


*This content cannot be purchased after Sep 21, 2020.
*Missions will be available until Sep 28, 2020.

Obtain the Op Pass for Firewall Zero Hour's fifth season, Operation: Syndicate, to participate in up to 16 additional missions and rewards*. This Op Pass gives access to a new contractor: Luna, available starting June 23rd, 2020. Also unlock the Legendary Weapon Skin, Luna's HZU, available to Op Pass holders who complete all 24 missions, for 250,000 Crypto. This pack contains 1 Hack Key, which can be used to unlock mission rewards. A Hack Key will instantly complete one Operational mission and award Crypto in full, but will not grant any XP for missions completed this way. *Complete the free and premium missions each week to unlock that week’s bonus mission for up to a total of 16 additional missions and rewards.

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