Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth - Job Leveling Set (Large) PS4 & PS5 (English/Chinese/Korean/Japanese Ver.)

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Extreme Violence, In-Game Purchases, Simulated Gambling, Strong Language
  • Online play optional
  • 1 - 2 players
  • Remote Play supported
  • PS5 Version
    Vibration function and trigger effect supported (DualSense wireless controller)
Extreme Violence, In-Game Purchases, Simulated Gambling, Strong Language


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Add-on for Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, containing helpful items that increase the job rank of your party members.

* This set can only be purchased once.

- Land of the Freelancer (Freelancer) (Single-Use Special) x 3
- The Hero's Sojourn (Hero) (Single-Use Special) x 3
- Develop Your Inner Dragon (Dragon of Dojima) (Single-Use Special) x 3
- Embracing Elitism (Heiress) (Single-Use Special) x 3
- Driver's Ed Demystified (Cabbie) (Single-Use Special) x 3
- Surviving the Streets (Homeless Guy) (Single-Use Special) x 3
- Sleuthing Made Simple (Detective) (Single-Use Special) x 3
- The Amateur Professional (Hitman) (Single-Use Special) x 3
- Understanding the Underworld (Gangster) (Single-Use Special) x 3
- Cocktail Connoisseur (Barmaid) (Single-Use Special) x 3
- Without a Trace (Assassin) (Single-Use Special) x 3
- The Book of Five Stings (Samurai) (Single-Use Special) x 3
- Know Your Shinobi (Kunoichi) (Single-Use Special) x 3
- You've Got It, Maid (Housekeeper) (Single-Use Special) x 3
- One with Mother Nature (Geodancer) (Single-Use Special) x 3
- Jeet Kune Do's and Don'ts (Action Star) (Single-Use Special) x 3
- Bodacious Boarding (Aquanaut) (Single-Use Special) x 3
- Guidebook for the Gridiron (Linebacker) (Single-Use Special) x 3
- Learning to Lob Again (Tennis Ace) (Single-Use Special) x 3
- The Good, the Bad, and the Bumbling (Desperado) (Single-Use Special) × 3
- Pyro Dance with Me (Pyrodancer) (Single-Use Special) x 3
- 2BA Mancer (Sujimancer) (Single-Use Special) x 3
- The Art of Entertaining (Host) (Single-Use Special) x 3
- Breakin' and Boppin' (Breaker) (Single-Use Special) x 3
- From Stage to Stardom (Idol) (Single-Use Special) x 3
- The Epicurean's Epithet (Chef) (Single-Use Special) x 3
- Fifty Shades of Slay (Night Queen) (Single-Use Special) x 3

These items grant enough job EXP to raise a character's job rank by 1. They only grant as much EXP as needed and therefore are of greatest benefit when characters are furthest from ranking up. Also, they cannot be used if the job rank in question is maxed.

PS4, PS5
Role Playing Games
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