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  • Action


3goo K.K.
Demo Released 06.12.2018
43 Ratings


The original stage featured in this demo version is based on an actual stage in the full version of Steel Rats. Learn the controls of your bike via the tutorial, then enjoy the thrilling search & combat!

The "Steel Rats" biker gang leave their underground hideout in search of members who have gone missing. On the surface world, they are greeted by the sight of a mysterious robot army laying siege to the city.
The biker gang has two choices: rage against the machine or become road kill. The Steel Rats take up arms and battle their way to Coastal City, the last bastion of mankind overrun by the Junkbots.

A unique retro-futuristic world.

The rage-filled road trip unfolds in Coastal City, an urban sprawl reminiscent of America in the 1940s. What is the true motive behind the Junkbots' onslaught?

Skillfully maneuver through stages and complete missions!

Master technical motorcycle skills and special attacks to make scrap out of the marauding invaders!

Because this is a trial version, we do not guarantee all functionality in this trial version.

©2018 by Tate Multimedia S.A. All rights reserved. Steel Rats logo is a registered Trademark of Tate Multimedia S.A. Published and distributed by 3goo K.K.

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