Dead by Daylight: SURVIVOR EXPANSION PACK (English/Chinese/Korean/Japanese Ver.)

Starbreeze Publishing AB
Extreme Violence
In-Game Purchases, Users Interact
  • PS Plus required for online play
  • Online play required
  • Supports up to 5 online players with PS Plus
Extreme Violence
In-Game Purchases, Users Interact

Will you be a leader? A hero? An escape artist? With this collection of original Survivors, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect skillset to suit your playstyle. Explore and discover new perks and backstories from a roster of 9 unique characters.

Includes the following characters, previously released in our Chapter add-ons and an exclusive universal Charm:

• Kate Denson (from “Curtain Call”)
• Adam Francis (from “Shattered Bloodlines”)
• Jeff Johansen (from “Darkness Among Us”)
• Jane Romero (from “Demise of the Faithful”)
• Yui Kimura (from “Cursed Legacy”)
• Zarina Kassir (from “Chains of Hate”)
• Felix Richter (from “Descend Beyond”)
• Élodie Rakoto (from “A Binding of Kin”)
• Yun-Jin Lee (from “All-Kill”)

PS4, PS5
Starbreeze Publishing AB
Horror, Horror
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