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  • Sexual Innuendo
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FAIRY TAIL Season Pass(English Ver.) (Add-On)

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The "FAIRY TAIL Season Pass" is a set that allows you to obtain the upcoming content below for a discounted price.
As a bonus, "Limited Edition Growth Lacrima x 5" is also included.

Season Pass Release Details:
The 6 content items below will be made available in succession.

August 7th, 2020:
- Limited Edition Growth Lacrima x 5

August 21st, 2020:
- Additional Friends Set "Levy"
- Additional Friends Set "Lyon"

September 4th, 2020:
- Additional Friends Set "Lisanna & Elfman"
- Very Difficult Requests Set
(S-Rank Requests, 10-Year Quest, 100-Year Quest)

September 18th, 2020:
- Additional Dungeon "Rift in Time and Space"

Note: The Limited Edition Growth Lacrima can also be obtained as bonus of "FAIRY TAIL Digital Deluxe". If both "FAIRY TAIL Digital Deluxe" and the "FAIRY TAIL Season Pass" are purchased, a total of 10 Limited Edition Growth Lacrima can be obtained.
Note: The Limited Edition Growth Lacrima is only available as a bonus for purchasable content. Also, the content might become available again as a bonus for future purchasable content.

Note: Some of the content included in this set is also available for individual purchase. Be careful to avoid making a redundant purchase.
Note: For each content item, the date of release and order of release are subject to change.

Offline single player
Uses DUALSHOCK 4 vibration function
Offline play enabled

Purchase or use of this item is subject to SEN Terms of Service and User Agreement.

Based on the manga “FAIRY TAIL” by Hiro Mashima originally serialized in the weekly SHONEN MAGAZINE published by KODANSHA Ltd.
©Hiro Mashima, KODANSHA/FAIRY TAIL Committee, TV TOKYO