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      Please note that the PS5 version solves the vast majority of issues known from the PS4 edition. Thanks to the technological possibilities of PS VR2, you can now fully immerse yourself in a virtual bartending adventure and experience gameplay that's smoother and more fun than ever before.

      Working in four unique and professionally equipped virtual bars, you will experience the thrill of the art of bartending under the watchful eye of Tomasz Małek, a six-time Bartending World Champion.

      Begin your journey in a music club and learn how to make four basic drinks. Prove yourself and win the opportunity to train and work in the next location.

      Master more and more demanding drinks as you progress to new, unique bars. Earn the course completion certificate and take up a whole new challenge in the Pro Mode.

      • A range of drinking glasses to choose from, different liquors, beverages, and additions. Crushed or cubed ice? Professional bartending know-how. Various bartending techniques. Item destruction. Juggling with bartending equipment and drink ingredients. We serve it all in a super-realistic quality.

      • Who will earn the most money in each bar? Who will make a perfect drink in the shortest time? Who will earn the biggest tip for a single drink by mesmerizing the customers by using the flair technique? Today you are in the top 10, tomorrow you drop outside the top 100. Every day someone quicker than you takes your place. Don’t let them get ahead of you!

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