Evil Genius 2: Oceans Campaign Pack

Fantasy Violence, Mild Language
In-Game Purchases
  • In-game purchases optional
  • Vibration function required
  • Trigger effect required
  • Offline play enabled
  • 1 player
  • Remote Play supported
Fantasy Violence, Mild Language
In-Game Purchases

Unleash dastardly chaos as a brand new Genius - the ecological mastermind Polar! Along with a frosty new Arctic Lair, story Campaign and an equally chilling Doomsday device.
Train an army of eccentric Engineer minions who will tinker away in their Workshop to create and maintain your fleet of submarines, and array of deadly turrets. Your minions will need to keep warm as the new temperature system means their productivity and equipment will be affected if they get too cold or too hot. Place heaters and air conditioning to ensure optimum efficiency.
Go under the radar and explore the 5 Oceans for sinister new schemes, but watch out for the Forces of Justice! Do-gooder divers and a new armoured Super Agent have reached you through your criminal intelligence network. Perhaps given the right persuasion, this Super Agent can be turned and become a valuable Henchman?

The Oceans Campaign Pack includes:

- Polar - a new Genius, with accompanying story Campaign, Sanctum and Doomsday device.
- Unique arctic Lair (useable with any Genius)
- Engineer Minion type
- Workshop room type
- New enemies (J.A.W.S, Diver, Super Agent Deep Six)
- New items (including Submarines and Turrets)
- 3 new Loot items with accompanying objectives (Poseidon’s Trident, Ruins of Atlantis, and the legendary Nautilus)
- Decorative Items
- Temperature System
- 5 new ocean Regions with accompanying Schemes

PS4, PS5
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