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  • Horror
  • Thriller/Suspense

Purgatory Road

New Video
Released Feb 12, 2019
1 Ratings
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Helpless to stop a thief from stealing his father’s modest nest egg, a little boy grows up blaming himself for his parents’ suicide. Becoming a priest [Gary Cairns] who operates a highway confessional with his ambivalent brother [Luke Albright], he offers sage advice to remorseful sinners while raining death on unrepentant thieves. Into the world of this antagonistic duo comes a psychotic, resourceful woman [Trista Robinson] whose first act of ‘kindness’ is to kill a thief whose actions threaten to expose the holy duo. Filled with gratitude for this act, the priest invites the woman into their sacred world and begins a chain of bloody events that dismantle the brothers’ decades-long partnership.

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