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  • Sang
  • Violence
  • Unique
  • Aventure
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Jeu PS VR Sortie Fév 23, 2018
26 Avis


The Spirit of a girl appears in front of a father whose daughter is lost.

This man, filled with grief in his heart follows the guidance of the spirit, wandering ever deeper into the forest.

Why has she shown herself? What is her purpose?

The truth lies in the abyss of the forest.

A story of sorrow, accented with beautifully transient piano melody.

wise inc’s first step towards “Interactive Cinema” with the concept of “Movie Reinvention”, aims to surpass traditonal cinema movies with omnidirectional information, 360 degrees, and using FPS point of view for more interactivity as well as multiple endings availability.

Come and experience the all-new, unique story telling only possible with VR!

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