JETBOY & the Randomizer of DOOM

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  • 플레이어 1명

> 10 track metal soundtrack
> designed at 256x144 pixels - like the old days.
Story Mode
> help Dave get away from it all with a vacation to the infamous Doom Nebula
> 30 Planets to visit
Randomizer Arcade Mode
> selectable console themes, with randomizer planets, multiple enemies, bosses, weapons, powerups & difficulty... means every play is unique.
Baddies & Bosses
> space worms, crazy jumping eyes, spinning things, weird things, space things, killer sheep and ridable chickens.
Weapons & PowerUps & Vehicles
> laser guns, rocket launchers, grenades, and more.. slow down, smart bomb, shield and more.. ride the ghoists of defeated bosses.. secret
Console Themes
> GB Mononboy, Speccy, C64bin, Mega GenDrive, SNOS, and more...