Heroine Anthem Zero 2 : Scalescars Oath

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Genomsnittligt betyg på 4.25 stjärnor av fem baserat på 63 betyg
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The Twin Virgin Saints started the circle of the seven doomsday. On the sixth doomsday, God has not forgiven the world, and ichthyopagion still continues to grow. People must continue on with sin and punishment. Shama, who is with SinScars under her happy smile, holds dark secrets deep within, hoping someone will pull her out of her shadow. ZERO 2 is an ARPG with intriguing storytelling, an unpredictable battle system, and endless heartfelt adventure. The story includes multiple subtle metaphors for the relationship between God and humans.

Heroine Anthem ZERO 2 : Scalescars Oath is a real time 2D mixed with 3D side-scrolling story-based ARPG.
The game combines legends of mermaids as well as Serbian and East Asian tribal culture to create its cultural world. Created over many years, it features nearly 400,000 words of dialogue, over 500 stories CG, 300 stages, and over 500 story performances. It has genuinely been brought to life a like a long TV series but as an adventure game. The soundtrack includes many songs from multiple music producers, which takes your experience to a whole new level!

●Vivid storytelling
With more than 100s of CGs and 2D animation, each scene is carefully aligned with both visual and audio. More than 100 stages and 400,000 words, players can truly immerse in the world of Heroine Anthem Zero.

●Unlocks different skills
As the character levels up, players have a range of skills to unlock including dodge, perry, triple jump, jump attack, and more. With the desired combination, players can have their own style of combat.

●Combat companion
There is a combat companion system in Heroine Anthem Zero 2. Combat companion levels up as the story progresses, thus unlocking more skills to activate during combat.

●Puzzle solving
There are puzzles to solve in each map. Not only are they essential for stage completion, but also hidden treasures for players to explore. Some of the hidden treasures will considerably assist the players.

●Crafting and cooking system
Players can collect loot throughout the game and craft different equipment, upgrade the weapons, or make them into a variety of food to enhance the character.

●Equipment passive skills
Weapons and armors have different passive skills. Players can choose any type of weapon depending on their combat style.

●Special event
There are different options for players to choose during conversations. Sometimes by making a different choice, there might be a special event in the game.

● Expedition System
Don’t miss any suspicious areas in a stage! Crouching and exploring gives you a chance to pick up good stuff. In dangerous travel situations, use Cuckoo’s ability to look for suspicious exploration sites and command Cuckoo to further explore the area for a chance to obtain special loot.

●Cooking and Crafting System
Using materials gained from exploring to cook or craft can create useful weapons, gear, and meal boxes. These can be used to increase the stats of weapon and gear.

●Other Items and Gear
Character progress, weapons, and gear have a tight connection. Many weapons, armor, projectiles, runes, seals, food ingredients, and cuisine benefits not only provide atk/def to gear, weapons, armor, and rune effects but also adds a different attack move effect.

● Easter Egg Questline and Multi-option Conversation System
Story progresses through dialogue. To enable certain story lines, choosing different dialogue options are needed. Don’t forget to choose every option even if it may lead to death, as a different interpretation of the story may lead to unexpected events.

Action, Äventyr, Rollspel
Engelska, Japanska, Kinesiska (förenklad), Kinesiska (traditionell)
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