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Defiance® Hunter Pack

Trion Worlds Inc.
Add-On Released 1 Dec 2014
6 Ratings


Own the New Frontier from the seat of a NEW Hellbug-skinned “Helldorado” ATV with tons of Boosts plus 30 days of Patron Status. The Defiance Hunter Pack is excellent for new (and returning free) players alike!

- 50 Ark Key Capacity
- 60 Inventory Slots
- 2 Loadout Slots
- 2 Character Slots
- Helldorado ATV
- 5 x 50% XP+ Boosts
- 2 x 25% Score+ Boosts
- T4 Lockbox
- 50 Arkforge (premium in-game currency)
- 30-Day Patron Pass

About Defiance®
Join thousands of players in Defiance, the Free-to-Play shooter MMO that defines MASSIVE CO-OP. Wield customizable weapons as you hunt for alien technology across a transformed Earth, and experience an evolving TV/MMO story with crossover content that expands the Defiance universe – all for free!

1-64 players
HDTV screen resolution: 720p
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