Kiryu」s Hit Songs & CD Pack (Chinese/Japanese Ver.)

Kiryu」s Hit Songs & CD Pack (Chinese/Japanese Ver.)


Please note that purchased CDs do not count towards clearing the "Part-Time Quest" CD collecting Challenge.

*This DLC will not increase the number of songs available in the Karaoke function of the game.
*To play songs included in the Kiryu’s Hit Songs & CD Pack, please transfer them to a PlayStation®4 compatible USB storage device.
For further details regarding use, please see the PlayStation®4 User Guide.

※This item is also offered in a pack.

DLC for Ryu Ga Gotoku 7: Hikari To Yami No Yukue.
Includes full-length versions of songs for Kazuma Kiryu as well as a CD which can be used at Bar Survivor. Total of 6 songs.

Full-length versions of the following 6 songs, as well as an in-game CD item that allows these songs to be used at the Bar Survivor.

-Today is a Diamond (Full Spec Ed.)/Kazuma Kiryu (Takaya Kuroda)
-hands (Full Spec Ed.)/Kazuma Kiryu (Takaya Kuroda))
-TONIGHT -restart from this night- (Full Spec Ed.)/Kazuma Kiryu (Takaya Kuroda)
-Judgement -Shinpan- (Full Spec Ed.)/Kazuma Kiryu (Takaya Kuroda)
-Machine Gun Kiss (Full Spec Ed.)/Kazuma Kiryu (Takaya Kuroda)
-Bakamitai (Taxi Driver Edition)/Kazuma Kiryu (Takaya Kuroda)

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