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In-Game Purchases, Violence
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In-Game Purchases, Violence


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Average rating 4.92 stars out of 5 stars from 13 ratings
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5 sets of additional music tracks to use with Theatrhythm Final Bar Line, containing a total of 30 tracks.

♪ THEATRHYTHM FBL SaGa Pack (7 tracks) - Available February 16, 2023.
Enraged Battle
Struggle to the Death
The Conflict
Horrible Shadow
Beat Them Up!
Coup de Grace
Ardent Rhythm

♪THEATRHYTHM FBL LIVE A LIVE Pack (4 tracks) - Available March 1, 2023.
Go! Go! Steel Titan!
Birds Fly, Fish Swim

♪ THEATRHYTHM FBL The World Ends with You Pack (6 tracks) - Available March 15, 2023.
World Is Yours
Your Ocean
Breaking Free

♪THEATRHYTHM FBL NieR Pack (5 tracks) - Available March 29, 2023.
Dependent Weakling
Weight of the World Kowaretasekainouta - Marina Kawano
Amusement Park
A Beautiful Song
Emil’s Shop

♪THEATRHYTHM FBL SaGa Pack Vol. 2 (8 tracks) - Available April 12, 2023.
The Celestial Protectors
Battle #4
Battle #5
T260G's Last Battle
Feldschlacht III
Battle Theme I

*A full game edition that includes these products is also available. Please be careful to avoid making duplicate purchases.

*The full version of the game (sold separately) is required to make use of this content. Make sure to update the game before use in situations where the latest patch is required.

*An internet connection is required to obtain the music track packs.

*The various music track packs included in the Season Passes need to be downloaded on or after the pack’s release date.

*Music downloads not rated by PEGI.

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