THEATRHYTHM FINAL BAR LINE Season Pass Vol. 2 (English/Chinese/Korean/Japanese Ver.)

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Sex, Violence
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  • Supports up to 4 online players with PS Plus
  • Online play optional
  • 1 - 2 players
  • Remote Play supported
Sex, Violence


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Average rating 5 stars out of 5 stars from 2 ratings
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5 sets of additional music tracks to use with Theatrhythm Final Bar Line, containing a total of 30 tracks.

♪THEATRHYTHM FBL NieR Pack Vol. 2 (6 tracks) - Available April 26, 2023.
Fleeting Words / Outsider
Song of the Ancients / Devola
Hills of Radiant Winds
Kainé / Salvation
Song of the Ancients / Fate

♪THEATRHYTHM FBL CHRONO Pack (6 tracks) - Available May 17, 2023.
Wings That Cross Time
Radical Dreamers -Le Trésor Interdit-
Chrono Trigger
Boss Battle 2
Battle with Magus
Corridors of Time

♪THEATRHYTHM FBL CHRONO Pack Vol. 2 (6 tracks) - Available June 7, 2023.
Robo's Theme
Chrono Cross -Scars of Time-
Wind Scene
Frog’s Theme
World Revolution
To Far Away Times

♪ THEATRHYTHM FBL Mana Pack (7 tracks) - Available June 28, 2023.
Nuclear Fusion
Battle 2
In Search of the Sword of Mana
Meridian Child
Sacrifice Part Three

♪THEATRHYTHM FBL OCTOPATH TRAVELER Pack (5 tracks) - Available July 19, 2023.
Battle at Journey's End
Primrose, the Dancer
Daughter of the Dark God
Octopath Traveler -Main Theme-
Decisive Battle II

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