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653.69 MB


FromSoftware, Inc.
PS one® Classic Released 2008.05.02
2 Ratings


This software is only playable for PLAYSTATION®3, not playable for PSP® (PlayStation®Portable).

To download this software, you must also have at least 655MB of free space on your PLAYSTATION®3 system's hard disk.
For more detail information, please see below URL.



■Game description
The game's hero, who is swept up in massive terror incident and loses his family, becomes a Raven in an effort to seek out his enemy. Under the watchful eye of Lana Neilson, he has carried out countless missions and produced impressive results. But one day, Nine-Ball, his archenemy and most powerful Raven of all and fiend who robbed him of his family, suddenly appears before him. And then there's that mystery about the massive organization that is operating in the shadows. Who is really in control of it all? This is the third title in the popular series that lets you combine parts any way you like to create your very own mecha to battle your opponents. Become a Raven (mercenary) and go on one mission after another as they are assigned. This installment is even better with the addition of ARENA mode that pits you against computer-controlled opponents! Over 150 new enemies appear.

About switching discs: The original PlayStation® version of this game consists of 2 pieces of CD-ROM. If you are instructed to switch disc in the middle of the game, do not turn off the system and press the PS button of your controller, then select the disc you are instructed to switch under “Switch Discs” from the menu that is displayed.

Supported Accessories: Wireless Controller (supports vibration feature※)
※For vibration feature, the DUALSHOCK®3 Wireless Controller is required.
※Not compatible with multiplay cable.
※Not compatible with "PocketStation".

■PS3™ HDD capacity requirement

■Copyright notices
©1997-2007 FromSoftware, Inc. All rights reserved.

This software is converted from the software for PlayStation® so that it can be played on PS3™.
One time fee for use or downloads on up to 2 console systems and 2 portable systems that are compatible with the content and associated with the purchasing account.

Purchased content or services are not refundable or transferable, and cannot be redeemed for cash or credit.