PlayStation Plus (12 MONTH MEMBERSHIP)

PlayStation Plus (12 MONTH MEMBERSHIP)

Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

PlayStation Plus is an ongoing subscription with a recurring fee charged automatically every year. Expand this section for further details.

Enhance your PlayStation experience on PS4 & PS5 with PlayStation Plus:
• Online multiplayer with a global community of players
• 24 hand-picked monthly games included every year, yours to play throughout your subscription
• Exclusive discounts on PlayStation Store
• Exclusive add-ons and packs for your favourite games
• 100GB of cloud storage for your game saves
If your wallet doesn't have enough funds the subscription fee will be automatically funded from your default payment method

Subscription continues until cancelled. You can cancel at any time. When cancelled, it will expire at the end of the period for which you’ve already paid. This will stop future payments of subscription fees but you will not receive a refund for payments already made.

Cancellation Instructions:
Cancellation Policy:

Access to PlayStation Plus content/services will vary according to age of user.

The games included in the subscription at any time (and online features of each game) may change. The PlayStation Plus Collection and Game Help are PS5 benefits only.

PlayStation Plus Usage Terms:
PSN Terms of Service and Software Usage Terms:

Your fees may change (up or down) to reflect changes in the subscription, to reflect our costs in providing it, to ensure it continues to be a viable service or to respond to market changes (e.g. changes to exchange rates, taxes or inflation).

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