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  • Action
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3.95 GB

METAL GEAR SOLID V: GROUND ZEROES full game (Japanese Ver.)

Konami Digital Entertainment Ltd.
Full Game Released 2014.03.20
1398 Ratings


Here comes the world popular stealth action, a official sequel by Hideo Kojima. <br>
To meet a demand from all of the world, the prologue『MGSV: GROUND ZEROES』 will be released in advance with ultimate thrilling experience.

The next generation FOX Engine draws the scene as if the real one, history of stealth action will be changed.

Player grabs weapons and information and army vehicles, everything in his own way and rescue a young soldier!
What has Commander Snake seen in his rescue mission to save hostage Chico from the American camp in southern Cuba.

※[JP Ver.]is using Japanese sound which has different points from world specification [EN Ver.]
These 2 versions have no compatibility between them so [JP ver.] won't comply to the services which isn't available in Japan.

This is the story of pain and loss of man who faced to world's enemies.

©Konami Digital Entertainment

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