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  • Violence
  • Action
File Size
19.83 GB

DYNASTY WARRIORS 7 PlayStation®3 the Best full game (Japanese Ver.)

Full Game
5 Ratings


Set in the Three Kingdoms Period in ancient China, the "DYNASTY WARRIORS" series lets you experience the thrill of being a mighty warrior in a tactical action format.
Players become officers from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms who lead their forces to victory by trouncing throngs of impending enemies on the battlefield. On the battlefield, exhilarating battles are had by taking down countless enemies with a straightforward control scheme.
Made to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the "DYNASTY WARRIORS" series, DYNASTY WARRIORS 7, released 3 years after the previous iteration DYNASTY WARRIORS 6, offers a new kingdom, "Jin," many new playable characters, a new weapons system, enhanced three-dimensionality, and so much more.

Content file size: 20GB

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