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Additional module set (neru,haku,teto) (Japanese Ver.)

SEGA Games Co., Ltd.
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*If you already own this DLC for the PS3™ copy of the game, you’ll unlock it for free in the PlayStation®Vita version! Likewise, if you purchase this content for the first time on your PlayStation®Vita, it will also automatically unlock if you later purchase the PS3™ version of the game.

Fan-favorites "Akita Neru", "Yowane Haku" and "Kasane Teto" are available together in a single DLC pack!
These Extra modules can be used in the Rhythm Game, DIVA Room and Edit Mode. Create a dream performance with your favorite characters!

Note: There are some limitations on how these characters may be used. You can find them in-game in the “The Extras’ Room”, but you cannot level up their Affinity. Akita Neru and Yowane Haku only speak during Rhythm Game results, and Kasane Teto has no vocalized lines.

This content is only compatible with PlayStation®Vita.

In order to play with this additional content, it is necessary to first purchase game disc or full game from PlayStation®Store that is sold separately and update your game with the most recent online update.
This program or data to be applied to existing program is only compatible with Asia version (official product) which is distributed by SCEI or other official distributors. Compatibility with program or data from other region is not guaranteed.

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