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Natsuiro High School: Seishun Hakusho (Japanese Ver.)

D3 Publisher
PSN Game Released 2015.08.12
29 Ratings


Welcome to the island of freedom, and the free academy.

The small island of "Yumegashima" is somewhere in Japan.
At the only academy on Yumegashima—the Yumegashima High School—you’ll experience a precious summer of youth where you’ll get to meet and spend time with outstanding girls.

You’ll become the new photographer at the Yumegashima High School journalism club and freely explore around the dream island to look for scoop with love and friendship. The outcome of the game will all depend on you—on how you spend your time within a limited time period!

The world-first open world with a scale that is unheard of + the campus love adventure game is finally here! So enjoy your campus life to the fullest on the dream island with lots of freedom!!


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