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Early release! Favorite character set (Japanese Ver.)

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia Pte Ltd.
System Released 2014.08.21
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※Refunds cannot be offered for any individual pack already purchased prior to this download.

This is a bargain favorite character set containing the following characters replacing the adviser as the navigator at the battle map, result screen and the option screen: HINOMOTO AYA (火乃本彩), KANEZONO YURINA (金園優理奈), KISHINO REMI (木住野玲美), TAKANASHI TSUKIYO (高梨月代), AMAMINE SAKI (天峰咲姫), KAMISHIRO MINAGI (神代海凪), SAOTOME AKI (早乙女陽希), DOIUCHI MAI (土居内麻衣), YUKISHIRO RUMI (雪城瑠水).
Favorite characters can also be purchased at the purchasing section (購買部) in the game, in other words this is especially prepared for those who cannot wait until they have accumulated the points! Favorite characters can be changed at the menu option (オプション).

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