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OTOKO YUKAKU (Japanese Ver.)

Game Released 2015.07.09
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This is a beautiful romance game with male courtesans inspired by the story of “Forbidden Romance: The Men of Yoshiwara” in which male and female roles are reversed. Are the words of men a lie or the truth? Gyakuten Yoshiwara—a mobile game for girls and played by more than 300 thousand users—is finally remade for PlayStation®Vita! This title will have many additional features, an increase in quality and a full voice with great voice actor casts for the plot with the courtesans. ■Summery The story will take place on a closed island where baby boys are not born. On this island there exists an unique culture that has flourished yet completely different from the mainland. Most of the men lived and gathered in a red-light district in the middle of this island. Some women just want children while others are looking for love—so anyone can enter the district to buy just one night with a man who belongs to no one. It is all about a night filled with realized lies and deceived in return. So in the end, to whom will you speak of love?

©2015 Hituzigumo ©2015 VRIDGE INC. ©2015 D3 PUBLISHER

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