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  • Violence
  • Anti-social
  • Action
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2.88 GB

Idol Death Game TV (Japanese Ver.)

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia Pte Ltd.
Game Released 2016.10.20
2 Ratings


A fight to the life and death for the center begins now!

An action adventure set within a mansion deep in the mountains about the life and death battle for the center position between the idols is about to get unfold. This fierce competition between the idols is also broadcasted live nationwide for people to see. The goal is to become the last standing idol to win the center position, and the way to do it is to survive from the judgement panel prepared for each stage. The idols will be judged based on essential skills required for a good idol including dancing and acting. Player's actions will decide who fails, and the failing idols will have to go through the "Death Game." Story will also change depending on who remains and every appearing idol will be selectable in the game. So get rid of other idols to get the glorious center spot!


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