Talking Dogs™

Carson Kelly Games L.L.C.

Welcome to Talking Dogs, a third-person adventure game that tells the story of a husky named Phil and his quest to find his best friend Glen.

The game is set on the peaceful island of Dreams and players will take on the role of Phil, who is on a mission to find his best friend Glen, who went missing from their hometown of Dog-town.

Players will explore the island, interact with a variety of characters and uncover the mysteries of the island as they guide Phil through his journey. The game is powered by the next-generation Unreal Engine 5, providing a fully immersive experience as players utilize Phil's sense of smell to navigate through the island.

With the Dog Sense feature, players will activate in-game paws that guide them to the next checkpoint and point of interest on the journey. Join Phil in his quest to find his best friend and bring him back home in this exciting adventure game from Carson Kelly Games, LLC, a small one-man team based out of Pennsylvania.

Carson Kelly Games L.L.C.
Family, Family, Family
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