Murderous Muses

D'Avekki Studios Limited
4/12/2023 04:00 AM UTC

It’s a year to the day since controversial artist Mordechai Grey was murdered.

Now, a new exhibition has opened on the anniversary of his death, featuring six of his most famous portraits - each one a potential suspect in his murder.

You play as the night watch, exploring the gallery in the echoing hours to uncover clues about his death. Solve puzzles and use the Eyes of Mordechai to bring the portraits to life, restoring the past to find his killer...

Solve a cold-case murder mystery that re-rolls every time you play
Explore a procedurally-generated 3D gallery with shifting rooms and unexpected twists
Uncover clues and use deduction to find the killer
Solve puzzles and unlock secret locations!

From the creators of The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker, The Shapeshifting Detective and Dark Nights with Poe and Munro, Murderous Muses is an infinitely replayable supernatural whodunit where choosing how to investigate is an art form...

D'Avekki Studios Limited