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Crude Humor, Drug Reference, Fantasy Violence, Language, Suggestive Themes
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      Something ain’t right in La Brea – punks everywhere who got no respect for anyone or anything. But the more I fight ‘em off, the weirder things get. Am I tripping, or is that dude some kind of rabbit man?

      Welcome to Sakeworld, a beat ‘em up where rappers fight punks and aliens to keep the streets safe. Play as the Rappers Trippie Redd, Chief Keef, D Savage, Rucci, or Yung Bans to save Earth. Featuring the late Jack Phoenix’s hand drawn art, intense fighting, a fire OST, and some funny $3it, Sakeworld’s like nothing you’ve played before. Be kind to the ladies – and see if you got what it takes to meet the Doctor on Planet Sake.


      - Classic beat ‘em up with crazy weapons, abilities, and rides

      - Hand drawn art created or inspired by the late Jack Phoenix

      - Original soundtrack featuring Chief Keef, 600 Breezy, Drakeo The Ruler, D Savage, Famous Dex, Fenix Flexin, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Yung Weej and more

      - Play as real-life rappers Trippie Redd, Chief Keef, D Savage, Rucci, or Yung Bans

      - 26+ levels featuring 9 unique environments including: La Brea, Venice Beach, Brooklyn, Brooklyn Tracks, Beijing, North Pole, Tokyo, Hell and Planet Sake

      - Run over your foes with a broken shopping cart

      - Defuse a nuclear bomb being dragged around by a very small Russian

      - Fine babes on roller blades

      - Pit bulls, pig cops, and the Grim Reaper himself

      - Bosses, sub-bosses, boss children, and Boss Rush Modes

      - Battle a giant baby that loves his juice

      - Yung Weej - but giant and with his own minions

      - Mini-games like Sakemole and Hang ‘Em High

      - Beware a taco truck that only Smokin’ Jesus can save you from

      - Hilarious dialogue written by the LA Sakeworld Store’s local headcases and delinquents

      Sake LLC
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