- Am I kind-hearted? - ワタシのココロは綺麗ですか?

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      “Am I kind-hearted?” is the tale of 3 heroines, Ayano, Saya, and Yuko, as they wear their bodies and hearts out with strange men in order to save the protagonist, who has been diagnosed with a deadly disease…
      It was supposed to be…only for his treatment….
      This bishoujo game released in 2018 from the brand, "Noir Soft", has been remade for the CS Novel Club platform so that it can be enjoyed by people of various ages around the world.

      Overdosing on energy drinks can lead to strange diseases...and even death.
      It’ll be okay. Let us take care of it… Don't worry about it.
      Come on… Holding on to hope is the toughest part!
      With a single-minded desire to help the protagonist, the girls take a painful and forbidden path.

      Kyosuke Kosaka is diagnosed with a strange disease as a result of overdosing on energy drinks in order to play a game.
      When the heroines learn that the treatment will cost a fortune and will lead to death if left untreated, on his doctor's suggestion they decide to take on sketchy jobs…
      For Kyosuke. For money. That's what the heroines were telling themselves...

      I want to do this for him. I want to live with him. No matter how dirty I become...

      ・Ayano Isaka
      Kyosuke's childhood friend. Though she is the most popular girl in the school, she has always been in love with Kyousuke.
      She spread the word about Kyosuke's misdiagnosis.
      “I'll go on a date with you, so I want you to buy me something.”

      ・Saya Isaka
      Ayano's older sister. She loves her sister and Kyosuke and loves to spoil them.
      She is too overprotective, and therefore, she is willing to endure hardships for Kyosuke's sake.
      “Please... Really… I'll do anything.”

      ・Yuko Fujisaki
      Kyosuke's aunt. She loves Kyosuke like a younger brother.
      She's someone who prefers a quiet, calm place, but she's not afraid to earn money for the protagonist.
      “Don't worry... You will definitely get better, Kyosuke.”

      ・Kyosuke Kosaka
      The protagonist of this story. He was misdiagnosed as a result of consuming various drinks in order to stay up and play a game.
      While the heroines were earning money, he continued to play the new game and failed to get re-diagnosed. When the results turned out to be a misdiagnosis, the girls couldn't stop…?

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