Shepherd's crossing

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      Life On A sandbox Ranch, Begins Again.
      Players are entrusted with a single box garden (ranch), which they use to raise animals and crops.
      There is no money, and animals and crops are bartered.
      Although a main storyline exists, the ultimate goal is entirely up to the player.
      Hitsuji-mura" is such a different kind of boxyard ranch simulation that pursues the fun of increasing what you want and creating the landscape of your choice. Less than 20 years have passed since the original "Welcome to Sheep Village.
      Now, "Sheep Village" is back with a variety of new elements.

      New Elements From the Original Version
      zoom Out the Ranch and Get Cute!
      The ranch can now be zoomed in and out in four levels. When zoomed out to the maximum, animals and items in the ranch are displayed in dot-by-dot equal size. Breed lots of animals and enjoy watching them move all over the place!

      Number Of Item Slots Increased to 7!
      The number of items you can carry at once has increased from 3 in the original versionThe number of items you can carry at once has been increased from 3 in the original version to 7! You can also organize your cluttered farm.

      Placement Marker Display
      When placing items or fences, a function to display markers has been added.When placing items or fences, a marker can be displayed. This is useful when you want to arrange fences neatly.

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