Aces of Thunder

Gaijin Distribution KFT

Experience the thrill of aerial combat like never before with Aces of Thunder, the upcoming VR game made specifically with capabilities of PlayStation®VR2 in mind. It will be focused exclusively on aerial combat and distributed on a paid model.

With different competitive online game modes available, such as team versus team and single duels, you'll be able to test your skills against other virtual pilots in intense aerial battles.

The game's physically accurate flight and damage models derived from the popular War Thunder military action game ensure that battles are immersive and believable, taking place exclusively from the cockpit view and with complete control over all flight systems.

Aces of Thunder will feature dozens of legendary planes of World War II, such as the American fighter P-51 Mustang and British Spitfire, at first, with more combat aircraft from other eras to come in future add-ons.

Stay tuned for the release date announcement and be ready to take to the skies in Aces of Thunder!

Gaijin Distribution KFT
PlayStation VR2 isn't for use by children under age 12.

PlayStation VR2 is required to play the PS5 version of this game.

VR games may cause some players to experience motion sickness.