Enotria: The Last Song

Jyamma Games Srl
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      Enotria: The Last Song is an Action RPG SoulsLike set in a fantasy world based off Italian folklore and culture.
      It aims to take the genre in a new direction, with a vibrant and sun-lit world based off Italian summer where the gameplay allows you to alter the world & enemies in systemic ways.
      It is defined as a Souls-Like but unlike other souls-likes we are depicting a world based off Italian summer colours, as we call it, ''Summer-Soul''.
      The objective is to bring italian rich past and culture to the fore in a new way that is appealing to the broader public.
      What we need to convey from the art direction is the colours, vibrancy and general feeling of visiting Italy.
      Enotria: The Last Song wants to capture the heart & soul of souls-likes fanbase, with rewarding exploration, diverse player builds, varied enemy designs while giving a unique twist.
      With Ardore, the player always has access to different strategies, allowing them to influence enemies behaviors, dynamically alter the world around them, solve puzzles & harness the very elements of Enotria.

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