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Bring together a group of dinosaurs with extraordinary skills to make up the best kitchen brigade the world has ever seen. All under the supervision of a very rude and very tiny boss.

Discover new recipes
As you progress through the story and complete objectives, Trexito will remember recipes from his culinary school. Get the ingredients and obtain the recipes.

Cook like only a dinosaur can
How does an Ankylosaurus knead dough? Why does a Triceratops need a flamethrower? A Pterodactyl that cannot fly? Use their incredible skills to cook faster and better!

Watch out for the competition
You arrive in the kitchen and... broken countertops? Cheese on the floor? Beware of your rivals, because they won't make it easy for you...

Discover Alpadino's secret
Alpadino knows more than you think and hides a not-so-fun secret. Discover what his true mission is behind Trexito's new pizzeria, and maybe... you'll just end up covered in cheese.

Entalto Games SL
Casual, Unique
Screen Languages:
Catalan, English, Spanish
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