Kiki - A Vibrant 3D Platformer

9/11/2024 04:00 AM UTC
  • 1 player
ESRB Everyone 10+
Fantasy Violence
  • 1 player

Put your platforming prowess to the test as you navigate vibrant 3D obstacle courses in first-person perspective! Kiki is a fast-paced action experience that’s laser-focused on precision platforming skills. Run and jump while dodging treacherous traps, collecting stars and trophies, finding keys to unlock gates and more, all set to a pumping chiptune soundtrack!

There are 60 obstacle courses to master across multiple worlds, each presenting a unique challenge and gradually increasing in difficulty as you progress. Clear mission goals and race against the clock to unlock new stages, or replay cleared levels to improve your score! Do you have what it takes to become the true master of jumping?


• Master 60 obstacle course in 3D first-person perspective!
• Collect all the stars in each level.
• Run, jump over pitfalls, avoid traps and discover the quickest path to victory!
• Find keys to unlock the exit and proceed to the next challenge.
• Respawn instantly and retry stages as many times as it takes!

Puzzle, Family, Action